In Focus

The aim of In Focus was to create a system that allowed a digital camera to be automatically and accurately focused using data from a Microsoft Kinect depth sensor. The idea was brought up when working on film projects during high school as an evolution of earlier attempts we had made at creating DIY remote-controlled focusing systems.

Category: Software development

Date: April - June 2013

Tech: C#, WPF, Kinect SDK, CHDK, Canon EDSDK

Tools: TFVC, Team Foundation Server

During my first semester at Waikato I worked with a friend to create a proof-of-concept application, which used live data from the Kinect sensor to accurately focus a digital point-and-shoot camera. Over the 2013/14 summer, as part of my internship at Waikato, I continued work on the application, primarily to make it compatible with DSLR cameras, but also to restructure its code and improve the user interface. Unfortunately, due to limitations with how most DSLR lenses focus, the project was not able to be completed.

The video below gives an overview of the features in the original proof-of-concept application.